Production and print advertising biodegradable polyethylene bags and sacks
"Monoplast" L.t.d founded on February 1(st) 1994., (originally a trade store later developed into a corporation) and situated in Nova Pazova, 19 Pilota Zorana Latkovica Street, produces and prints advertising polyethylene packaging (P.E. packaging), also called PVC packaging, or more popularly a plastic bag. Our specialty is the production, printing and selling of P.E. packaging (plastic bags and sacks).

We use most advanced technology which guarantees production of high-quality goods. The production capacity being fairly high, the orders are taken and the final product delivered in an amazingly short period of time.

The size and colour of the ordered plastic bags can be of your own choosing. We also do flexol printing in one or two different colours if you order a large quantity of plastic bags. Furthermore, our assortment includes printed plastic bags with handles.

Apart from P.E. packaging, "Monoplast" L.t.d, produces consumer plastic, and deals in trade export and import.

If you wish your plastic bags to have an imprinted logo, and advertising message, or a picture of product, we can do it in one or more colours. At your request, our graphic designers will do the necessary preparations before the printing, using the best computers and laser printers.

We offer both blank and printed plastic bags and sacks of different colours and dimensions. Moreover, since they hold goods of varying weights, we can produce packaging with hardened or plastic handles. We use best-quality materials and print in colours you request.
Satisfied customers, and high quality products, with mandatory compliance deadlines are our permanent commitment. We will be pleased if you choose us for your PE packaging producers
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