Production and print advertising biodegradable polyethylene bags and sacks
Plastic Bags
A more universally unimaginable. Plastic bags and sacks are simply all around; each time something needs to be put into package, carried, bought or sold. Therefore, a plastic bag is an ideal advertisement moving all over the city in the hands of your satisfied customers.

Marking Tapes
We produce multi-purpose tape for marking used to mark the trail at sporting events, when laying power cables or telephone cables and the like ...
Tapes can be with print or without print.

Poke a variety of sizes, thicknesses and sizes, various packaging products.
Bags for trash. Packing bags for special purposes.
We can produce the bags according to your specifications (color and thickness dimension).

Stretch Film
Stretch film is designed to meet different needs, whether it's about the power, security, reliability and cost effectiveness. Today it is the most widely used film for packaging during shipping.
Main characteristics of our stretch film are big stretch, high transparency, resistance to damage and economic viability. Stretch film is used primarily for wrapping pallets, which makes sure the product, and a final layer of protection around sensitive subjects to obtain the compactness of the previous layers of protection whether it's crackling foil or styrofoam, etc.. at the same time protecting them from moisture and dirt.

Širina rolne: 50 cm.
Dužina: min 300 m. 
Debljina: 25my.
Težina: 5 kg.

Zip Bags
Various sized zip bags suitable for fast packing goods where it takes more time to open or close the same bag.

Strap Bags
Strap bags we produce are biodegradable and have a wider use of cheaper packaging and transportation of various items.

OPS Packaging
OPS packaging is made of polyester film in which the heat treatment process gets its final shape. Crystalline purity, toughness, hardness, transparency and shiny surface is what characterizes program.Najčešće OPS is used for cakes, and is characterized by the excess gloss, hardness and application temperature range from -40°C to +80°C.Pogodna the for use in cold storage and packaging hot / hot hrane.Veliki choice model that is featured on the STS program offers a wide field of applications. (confectionery, bakery, meat industry, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, catering, packaging and consumer quail eggs as well as domestic application, disposal of all types of food in refrigerators and freezers., and is used for packaging of certain industrial products. in our offer you can find a wide variety of dishes made ​​from OPS.

Air Bubble Film
Air Bubble Film - Alternative names include: film, air bubble, air foil, sputtering film, and Puc Puc foil. This film is so far unsurpassed in terms of packing fragile items and sensitive to shock, loss and the like.
Light weight
Easy design about the product
Great strength and tear resistance
High thermal stability
The possibility of lamination with other materials (usually with paper)
Environmental friendly

Purpose of the wood and glass industry, transport, and in other respects:
Protection of sensitive products from mechanical damage (eg, furniture, glass, ceramics, appliances ...)

Pet Packaging
PET, or polyethylene teraftalata packaging, the packaging is actually a thermoplastic polymer granules which belongs to the polyester. This material has found application in the production of artificial fibers. In particular, it was used by the industry of food and beverages, and a temperature range applications up to 60°C.

Today PET containers can be seen at every step, and we offer packaging of PET can find a wide variety of containers for food packaging with lid.

Durable, compact, lightweight and simple design. Made from PET material that is extremely durable in a variety of transport and temperature conditions and approved by the world's most important health institutions as a "safe container". Finds its greatest use in the warehousing and storage of honey, creams, čokolanih products, dried spices, sweets and condiments. Unlike glass products, easy to transport and safe for food.
Polyethylene Liners, Hoses and Semi-Hoses
We produce polyethylene, Hoses and Semi-Hoses for various purposes: for construction, industry, the need for home, foil packaging, coating, and the like. Foil is made from polyethylene, which can be transparent or colored to your liking in any color. New materials and manufacturing technology guarantee high quality proizvoda.Folije may be made ​​of smooth and polished low-density polyethylene LDPE and šuškavog mat and high density polyethylene HDPE.

Plastic Consumables
High quality products and offer rich make us distinctive in the market of plastic consumer goods.

Freezer bag
are commonly used for packaging food products in refrigerators and freezers, as well as for industrial purposes, bolt and other products that require low-cost and durable transparent containers and packaging of consumer goods smaller.
We manufacture them from polyethylene resin and can be HDPE (rustling) and LDP (smooth).